Enkay PRO

What is Enkay PRO for Microsoft BizTalk Server?

It is a monitoring tool that can be used to:

  • observe performance issues, this tool gives you visibility into traffic patterns that occurred around that time and can help you debug the issue.
  • see if you’ve received any messages from a customer during a certain period of time.
  • observe if more messages than normal are coming from a certain customer and you need to determine why.
  • see the last time you received any messages from a customer.
  • monitor health of applications, infrastructure (e.g. hosts, files), BizTalk SQL databases/jobs, Server CPU, memory etc.
  • search for EDI transaction details including whether ACKs have been received.

It is an analytics tool, where we display key metrics that can allow you to analyze:

  • out of memory conditions you can view message sizes to determine the source of large messages.
  • timeouts that cause messages to be suspended at a particular time.
  • performance so you can benchmark throughput and quickly compare each run/change to performance characteristics due to new releases.
  • throttling issues quickly to help the operator understand what happened and how to remedy the issue.
  • and graph perfmon counter data (that are collected on-demand or when throttling is detected), helping you gain insights so you can take corrective action to improve performance, fix failures, and eliminate potential down time.
  • message counts, durations, throughput, message sizes and display of real time and historical data.
  • and generate reports that allows you to monitor Production environment on a daily basis.

It is an alerting tool that sends email when:

  • retries occur, messages get suspended, receive or send disabled, drives getting full, spool table keeps growing over 1 minute and doesn’t drop, or other predefined thresholds are exceeded for some reason.

It is an operations tool that can help:

  • Network operators, who can use this tool remotely, without having to login to BizTalk Server environments, to look at key metrics and check if business Service Level Agreements are being met.
  • Developers, Administrators, Managed Services Providers, and business users can get a limited, read only view of messages flowing through BizTalk Server so they can quickly diagnose issues using an easy to use but rich user interface.

We can customize or add new features to meet your specific environment or application requirements, for example:

  • Our customers have requested additional monitoring features (e.g. monitor web applications or file folders not part of their BizTalk environment) and we have customized Enkay PRO to meet their special requirements.
  • Free software!

    • No license fees are required to install and use Enkay PRO for qualified customers. You can download and use Enkay PRO for any number of users, any number of servers, and any number of environments. Free support for ninety (90) days is provided, which includes installation and training.
    • Paid support for Enkay PRO software is available and includes customization and consulting services. Call for pricing details.
    • Watch a recording of our Google Hangouts web cast that we did on Tuesday, May 22 at 1:30 pm US Central Standard Time. You will see how you can use Enkay PRO to debug performance issues and proactively monitor key performance indicators to ensure the system is consistently meeting business service level agreements.

      Read a blog post on Microsoft BizTalk Product Team’s blog on Enkay PRO for monitoring, alerting, and analyzing your BizTalk environments so you can reduce total cost of ownership and increase the value of your investments in BizTalk.

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